Saturday, March 1, 2008

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Today is March 1st. Did you know it's Big Bonanza Silver Day? You do if you watch QVC.They call it Big Bonanza Silver Day because it was March 1st however many years ago that silver was first discovered in Nevada. I love sterling silver jewelry. If I didn't live paycheck to paycheck, I would have bought a lot of silver today. It's so pretty, and they have so much of it. I've been watching all day and looking at all the pretty jewelry. I haven't ordered anything, but it isn't midnight yet.

I had lunch with PMF today. Subway. Then I went to Bath & Body Works to use coupons. I had four coupons so I had to make four transactions to use them all. I got all this for about $35. I calculated the actual price if I didn't have the coupons and it was around $105 (that doesn't include the Fekkai sample). That always makes me feel better about spending, when I save so much! If you haven't tried the Dr. Patricia Wexler skin care, you should. It's amazing. Then I went to AC Moore and got this:

That's a size three circular needle. I need to get one more (once I have another coupon), so I can do socks on two circular needles. I'm just a little tired of dealing with the dpns.

Okay, it's midnight. It's now or never. I went to and ordered these: Item number J14149. There are Guardian Angels on the earrings. Cute. Leverbacks. (I love a leverback earring!) On waitlist. Well, if it's meant to be, it'll happen. If not, then I know it wasn't meant to be.

Our new senior pastor starts tomorrow. I'm so excited. This is the most optimistic time I remember at church in a long time - more than 6 years ago IMHO. There's also a reception for his family tomorrow afternoon. I'll report on the day tomorrow night.

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Razor Family Farms said...

Hi Holly! Could you show me how to make socks on those circular needles? I''ve been trying to learn and just can't seem to get it right.

I missed the meeting lst night because someone came on our property and shot one of our guinea fowl. We had to call the sheriff. I cried. It was obvious that the bird suffered. I can't believe some people!

I'll miss next weeks circle because I'll be on my way to Mexico for a medical mission trip!

Miss you!