Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Playing Catch Up

Okay, I've been crazy busy. I'm going to post pictures and if you really want to know what the picture is, just click on it and it'll take you to flickr where you can read all about it.

#95 OF 365
#96 OF 365
#96 of 365
#97 of 365
#98 of 365
#99 of 365
#100 of 365
#101 of 365
#102 of 365
#103 of 365
#104 of 365
#105 of 365
#106 of 365
#107 of 365
#108 of 365
#109 of 365
#110 of 365
#111 of 365

Okay, now I'm all caught up. Please forgive me for the massive pictoral post. But you know, lots of people do those "wordless Wednesday" things. If I'd just shut up, I could claim that!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

March 29 - April 4, 2009

Okay, here we go:

Sunday, March 29:
#88 of 365
That little Loratadine pill is required daily in my life. I tried to obtain it from Sam's Club Friday night, but they were out. I managed to arrange another visit (I don't have my own membership) today to obtain the little white pill that lets me breathe this time of year. Oh, who am I kidding. I have year round allergies and take them every day.

Monday, March 30:
#89 of 365
I took this picture from my moving car this morning on the way to work. Can you see the mist coming up from the pond hrough the trees?

Tuesday, March 31:
#90 of 365
It has rained and rained today. Over an inch. It's supposed to rain through Thursday. Somebody send the ark.

Wednesday, April 1:
#91 of 365
Dinner: Extra Crunchy Jif Peanut Butter and Smuckers Blackberry Jam on Multigrain Bread with a tall glass of skim milk.

Thursday, April 2:
#92 of 365
I drove to work this morning between thunderstorms. There were some really cool clouds in front of the sun. I took this picture (once again) from my moving car driving down Schatulga Road, not even looking at the screen, just pointing the camera in the right direction.

Friday, April 3:
#93 of 365
Azalea's are blooming in Georgia. I caught a bee paying one a visit tonight.

Saturday, April 4:
Sunset at the Marina (#94 of 365)
Sunset from the Lake Oliver Marina in Columbus, Georgia

Please leave a comment if you like the pictures. Tell me which one is your favorite. It makes me sad when I don't get comments. You don't want me to be sad, do you?