Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall Festival

Tonight was the Fall Festival at church. I was asked to help with the Trunk or Treat. Basically I sat in a lawn chair behind my car and handed out candy to the hundreds and hundreds of kids who came by. They were so cute. It was fun, but it was cold out tonight. I had gloves on for a while. Kids would say, why do you have those on? Well. . . because my hands are cold. I guess they thought it was part of a costume. I had on a Halloween sweatshirt and a headband with horns. Some of my "friends" said I was letting my "true colors" show. That's not nice!

Tomorrow we're having a Halloween luncheon at work. I've got to go make an apple crisp. We can dress up if we want. I thought about wearing my glasses, putting on a blazer, put my hair in an up-do, and saying I'm Sarah Palin.

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's an Afghan!

I finished my afghan late last night. I took it to work today to show it off. The other knitter really liked it. The aspiring knitter liked it. Everyone seemed to like it. I then took it to the knitting group to show it off. Everyone there liked it, too. Yea! There will be pictures soon.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

100 % Fuzzy!

I've been a bad blogger, I know. I've brought you something fun, though:

Your result for Yarn Store Worthiness Test...

Your LYS knows you

100 % Fuzzy!

Your stash of yarn must be pretty big. Your local yarn

store knows who you are.

Go take the Yarn Store Worthiness test at

My friend, Bookwyrm, from the knitting group had a totally different test from this site on her blog (clicking her name will take you to that particular post), but once I was there and took the test she linked to (Initially I tested "Musical", I took it again and came up "Logical" which really sounds more like me), I couldn't resist looking for knitting and yarn related tests. Voila!

Anyway, what have I been up to? Lots of working. So not cool. It's been a crazy time at the TV station. I've done a little knitting. I've started on a potholder. It's called Toto the Extremely Useful and Cute Potholder. It's from the new Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines Book. I have this picture of one:

That's not actually mine. I borrowed that picture from a knitter in Rome, Georgia. Mine will be pink where hers is green and green where hers is pink. I decided to make this because I burned my hand getting my cast iron skillet out of the oven shortly after getting the book. It was a sign. I've got one pocket done. This is my mobile project so I only knit on it at lunch and when I'm out and about. Work has been such that I haven't necessarily gotten to take lunch everyday. Seriously cuts into my knitting time. I'm in a much better mood in the afternoon if I get to knit at lunch. I'm almost finished with my afghan and chugging along on Daddy's vest.

Friday I went to my eye doctor for my usual exam. I've worn glasses since I was 10, contacts since I was 16. For the first time ever in my contact lens experience, I'm going to be wearing different lenses in each eye. I've always worn the same lens. I've bought one box of disposable lenses at a time. NO MORE! Crazy. My vision was stable for a long time, then I got to that age where you need longer arms. My solution was multi-focal contacts. They work like magic. All of a sudden I could see again. Now I need stronger versions of those. If you've worn contacts for nearsightedness and suddenly found yourself needing longer arms and/or reading glasses, give the multi-focals a try. I love love love them. My eye doctor is my age and has never worn glasses. It's not fair, is it? I can't imagine what that must be like.

Oh, what about the whole Tommy Bowden getting fired thing? (We all know that's what went down, no matter what the Athletic Director says.) I think it was crazy. They should have let him finish the season. The team has lost their compass. I'll be surprised if they win any more games. We'll find out Saturday against Boston College. BC got killed by UNC yesterday, so they could be out for Clemson's blood. Yikes! I feel for my Tigers.

That's about it for me. I know. I've been out of touch, and that's it? Well, I've been working. Working. It's taken over. Not much else. I need a vacation.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tired, but Posting

I've been working some crazy long hours, but wanted to share my Pocket Book Slippers with you. They're so cute and fuzzy. I like them. Yarn is Yarn Bee Paradox in Wild Night.

I'll do a more proper post this weekend. I promise.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thank Goodness for Google

My Internet service is acting all weird. I checked my email just fine then tried to go to ravelry, but it wouldn't load. Lots of sites won't load. Couldn't read the Anderson Paper, but got the Columbus Paper to load. Then ravelry finally loaded. I asked my tech-guy (Seth). He said to reboot the computer and the modem. No change. Google works, so I'm able to post since Blogger is a Google thing. I can't click through from Google to anywhere else, though. I think I'm going to go knit now. See ya.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

More Knitting!

My friend Gail had her first baby, Luke, in early August. A first baby calls for booties. These are
Free Baby's Best Booties Knitting Pattern
, a simple and quick to knit pattern. I used Lullaby by Berroco, a pretty nice yarn, but they've discontinued it.
I thought Luke also needed a Bunny Blanket Buddy. The head's supposed to be stuffed, but mine turned out flat. I think it's a good idea since it belongs to a baby. It will allow Gail to wash it easily after Luke's chewed and sucked on the ears or paws when he's teething.
Gail also is the guardian of her 12-year-old cousin, Bailey. I couldn't send Luke a gift without sending Bailey a gift, too. I made her this hat using the Knifty Knitter long yellow loom and a pattern in the Knitting with the Knifty Knitter III. This is Red Heart Light & Lofty in Antique Rose. Gail says Bailey loved the hat and that it was her favorite color. I'm so glad!
I'm working on Daddy's vest and I'll be through with my slippers in a few days. I can't wait to show you how cute they are. I walked around Panera last week, wearing one slipper and a sandal on my other foot so all the knitters could see. Everyone liked it. I'm working on another project that's my own design. It was a matter of knowing what I wanted and not liking any of the options I found on the Internet or in books, so I crafted my own. I really like it. I'll show you when it's done.
Yesterday I went to the Cotton Pickin' Fair in Gay, Georgia with my friend, Terrie - Catherine's mom. We got something called Chocolate Jelly that was amazing. The website is We also bought earrings. Mine are Clemson Earrings like these except dangly. (They don't have a picture of the dangly ones, so the link goes to the stud ones.) Terrie's are UNC earrings. They are made of real Georgia marble and really cute.

On the work front, we produced our first High Definition Commercial this week. It was a simple spot for a client we work with all the time. It's going to be really exciting to see our new edit suite get finished and learn what we can do using High Definition. Welcome to the 21st Century!