Sunday, August 21, 2011

Columbus Knitters' Lee County Fiber Quest

Recently we learned that there were new yarn stores in Auburn and Opelika, so we planned what we call a "yarn store field trip." Yesterday was the day. We had such fun! My favorite barbecue place is in Auburn and my friends indulged me lunch there. Thankfully they enjoyed it, too. We met the nice yarn store owners, bought a lot of yarn, ate good food, bought some more yarn, got to see our student from last year who is now a freshman at Auburn University, and enjoyed our journey there and back together. I love my knitsters! Please press the "play" button below to see my photos.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

One more thing

In my update the other day, I left out a trip I took to Atlanta with my friends Karen and Ellen on August 6th to celebrate Karen's birthday. It was my first visit to Cheesecake Factory and their first visit to IKEA. Click the photos for more info.
Me, Ellen, and Karen
My Lunch
Karen's Lunch - Buffalo Bleu Chicken Sandwich
Ellen's Lunch - Mushroom Swiss Burger
A storm hit while we were in IKEA.
Leaving IKEA

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching Up

Dang, it's been a long time since I did a "here's what up" post. (Click the links or the photos for more info or more photos.) Here goes:

I spent Memorial Day Weekend in South Carolina with friends

and family

In June the Knitting Group observed Worldwide Knit in Public Week with (click for the photos) a series of events. Great fun was had by all!

I went to the National Infantry Museum July 4th weekend.
Me in front of the Museum
I saw fireworks on the Fourth.
Oooo (3/365)
I saw my friend Katy play her first featured gig.
Ready to Start
I went to my high school reunion later in July.
My friend Cindy and I went to a concert by the group Truth. We followed them for years until they stopped touring nine years ago. We were at their farewell concert in 2002 and now they are doing a reunion tour and we were at the first concert on that tour. It was so nice to hear the old songs again.
My friend Alice had a birthday party.
Alice's Birthday Cake (32/365)
I started back teaching two-year-old Sunday School after taking a break with the Crawler class last year.

This is my new class who moved up last week:

I saw the group The Landsharks at the Phenix City Amphitheater last night. It was a fun party!
At the end of the concert the moon was high in the sky (at the top of the frame)
I've also been knitting:
Seed Stitch Dish Cloth (10/365)
Dishcloth (31/365)
Dishcloth (34/365)
I finished knitting this dishcloth that I had started earlier in the day at the concert
Okay, I know that was a fast summer, but now I won't feel like I have so much to say to get caught up that it's overwhelming and I won't feel like I have time to blog.