Sunday, August 14, 2011

Catching Up

Dang, it's been a long time since I did a "here's what up" post. (Click the links or the photos for more info or more photos.) Here goes:

I spent Memorial Day Weekend in South Carolina with friends

and family

In June the Knitting Group observed Worldwide Knit in Public Week with (click for the photos) a series of events. Great fun was had by all!

I went to the National Infantry Museum July 4th weekend.
Me in front of the Museum
I saw fireworks on the Fourth.
Oooo (3/365)
I saw my friend Katy play her first featured gig.
Ready to Start
I went to my high school reunion later in July.
My friend Cindy and I went to a concert by the group Truth. We followed them for years until they stopped touring nine years ago. We were at their farewell concert in 2002 and now they are doing a reunion tour and we were at the first concert on that tour. It was so nice to hear the old songs again.
My friend Alice had a birthday party.
Alice's Birthday Cake (32/365)
I started back teaching two-year-old Sunday School after taking a break with the Crawler class last year.

This is my new class who moved up last week:

I saw the group The Landsharks at the Phenix City Amphitheater last night. It was a fun party!
At the end of the concert the moon was high in the sky (at the top of the frame)
I've also been knitting:
Seed Stitch Dish Cloth (10/365)
Dishcloth (31/365)
Dishcloth (34/365)
I finished knitting this dishcloth that I had started earlier in the day at the concert
Okay, I know that was a fast summer, but now I won't feel like I have so much to say to get caught up that it's overwhelming and I won't feel like I have time to blog.


Anonymous said...

You've had a busy summer! Looks like fun!

Holly S. said...

I did, Kate, and it was fun. It's helping me to rebound from the really crappy spring I had.