Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stitch & Pitch with the Columbus Catfish

Last night the Knitters and I went to Columbus Catfish game.

We had a sky box! We put a sign on the door so everyone could find us:The announcer was right next door. I took this picture of him reading the starting lineup from our balcony.
Deb and her husband John relax before the game.

This is the view out the door from the sky box. For those of you unfamiliar with Columbus' Historic Golden Park, that's the Chattahoochee River running through the center of the picture. The trees on the other side of the river are in Alabama. Bit of trivia: During the 1996 Olympics Women's Fast Pitch Softball debuted here as an Olympic event. I was a Press Ops Volunteer. It was very exciting.

Julie with her son, Sam, and her husband, Kevin.

Laura and I check out the balcony before the game.

Lacy and her husband, Josh, pose on the balcony following the game.

Post game photo (Julie's family left early): John, Deb, me, Lacy, and Laura. Thanks, Josh, for taking the picture.

The Catfish played the Greenville Drive. The Drive is almost my hometown team from South Carolina. They beat the Catfish 15-9. It doesn't matter. I was there for the knitting and the Knitters.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Photo Friday

I took a picture of this beautiful flower while in Plains, Georgia, last year to videotape an interview with President Jimmy Carter. Plains was charming. So was the President. He reminded me of my dad. They're about the same age and President Carter looks like he buys his clothes at Penney's, too.

Monday, July 21, 2008

101st Post

Wow! According to Blogger, this is my 101st post. Cool! It's been quiet. Last week there was an election.

I went to the dentist. No cavities.

I ran audio for a wedding at church Saturday. Other than that, it's been fairly uneventful in my world. Probably the calm before the storm. This weekend, the knitting group is going to the Catfish game. It's going to be fun!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Real Quick Blog

I had a busy weekend. On Saturday I went to Pine Mountain to have Mexican with Seth at San Marcos. If you're ever in Pine Mountain to go to Callaway Gardens or something, go eat at San Marcos. It's the best Mexican I've had and the price is great.

Saturday night, Laura from the knitting group and I went to see the Columbus Catfish, our local baseball team, and took our knitting. It was a mini-Stitch & Pitch. We had great fun and the Catfish won!

Sunday morning I went to church and then came home and fixed myself some grilled chicken, baked beans and cole slaw for lunch. Very good. I went to visitation at the funeral home for my friend Ellen's father-in-law. I work in the nursary with Ellen. He was 88 and had lived a wonderful, full life. Sunday evening we had a Sunday School Teacher meeting. There was good food and I got some knitting done! (Yes, I knit; but I still listen.)

Back to work today. Eh. Then tonight one of my blog-buddies came to the knitting group for the first time. Yea, Laurie! I think this may be the first time I met a virtual friend in real life. Cool!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How I Spent My Fourth of July Weekend

Friday morning I got up early like a normal workday, but instead of driving to the tv station, I drove to my dad's house in South Carolina. I arrived around 1:30. We went to Publix and bought groceries (always our first activity when I visit) and went home and had Hot Dogs and chili with baked beans and potato chips. Great Fourth of July meal. We George Foreman Grilled the hot dogs. Really good. I went through a long phase of not eating hot dogs. Gross things in there. I finally consented to eat Hebrew National Hot Dogs. They taste really good and I trust what's in them. They answer to a Higher Authority, you know.

As I have previously announced, there is no more wireless network around Daddy's house. It made me very sad. I sat there and played FreeCell and Mah Jong until the laptop battery died. Saturday we went to Schlotsky's for lunch and I was able to post. Finally. Then we went to yes yarn and I bought this:

After that we went to the mall where I found a fabulous deal on Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology Acnescription™ MMPi.20™ Anti-Aging Acne Serum. I bought two. It's on clearance. I hope they're not going to stop making it, because it's amazing. I started using it Saturday night and can really see the difference. The whole Wexler line is great if you're looking to improve your skin. It's kind of pricey, but worth every penny.

On Sunday after lunch at Cracker Barrel, we drove to
The Rock
The Field
Old Green Tom
Clemson Ice Cream - Best Ice Cream EVER!
Sunday evening I went to Greenville to have dinner with Dawn. There's a Mexican place her family has been talking about forever, but haven't taken me to. Until now.

This is my half eaten dinner. From left to right, burrito, enchilada, and tamale.
Dawn's dinner: two chicken enchilada's and rice & beans.
Monday I drove back and went to my Knitting Group last night to work on Daddy's never ending vest. Fair Isle is some slow going stuff.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I'm home from my visit, well... home. As badly as I need a new bed, mine is so much better than my bed at Daddy's house. It woke me up Sunday at 4:45am. After 90 minutes of laying on an icepack, I was able to get back to sleep. I'm going to go see my chiropractor tomorrow. There will be more thorough blogging tomorrow about my weekend including pictures. Some pictures will be of half-eaten food. Yum.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kathy who won my contest with her guess of $74.08! Kathy, please pm me on ravelry, I'm Hotpink, with your address. If you're not on ravelry, we'll have to figure out another way. Any ideas?
Daddy's neighbor with the unsecured network has apparently moved. Really, really stinks. I hate being without the Internet. I'm at Schlotsky's posting while we eat lunch right now. So, you probably won't hear much more from me until at least Monday night.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Contest

I have so enjoyed receiving all of the entries to the contest. Time is running out. Be sure to get your entry in - that includes folks like Shannon, who wanted to know the answer, but not to enter. (Come on, I'll knit Eli something.) Be patient with me announcing the winner. I will not be with my trusty wireless network. I'll basically be depending on the kindness (and security un-conscienceness) of strangers.

I'm driving to South Carolina tomorrow. Y'all have a great 4th. Did you know Thomas Jefferson was only 26 when he wrote the Declaration of Independence? I learned that in Williamsburg, Virginia. Someday I'd like to go there for the 4th. I bet they've got it going on.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting

We were in the nursery tonight at church when we heard this loud sound. Karen said, "What's that?". Ellen said, "Is it the fire alarm?" We started grabbing kids and purses. We got our eight kids and the room across the hall got all of their kids and we were out of the building in less than a minute. They did so good lining up against the fence! I had to pull out my camera and take a picture of them. Jack asked me, "Miss Holly, is there a real fire?" I didn't know at the time. We found out later that an older child in another building had accidentally pulled a fire alarm. The fire department came and everything. I couldn't get a picture of the fire truck. It was on the other side of the building from where we kept the kids on the playground.

Thanks to everyone who's entered the contest. Keep those entries coming! I love it every time I check my email and find more entries. People have come close, but there's still plenty of room to get closer. So, if you haven't entered, do it!