Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How I Spent My Fourth of July Weekend

Friday morning I got up early like a normal workday, but instead of driving to the tv station, I drove to my dad's house in South Carolina. I arrived around 1:30. We went to Publix and bought groceries (always our first activity when I visit) and went home and had Hot Dogs and chili with baked beans and potato chips. Great Fourth of July meal. We George Foreman Grilled the hot dogs. Really good. I went through a long phase of not eating hot dogs. Gross things in there. I finally consented to eat Hebrew National Hot Dogs. They taste really good and I trust what's in them. They answer to a Higher Authority, you know.

As I have previously announced, there is no more wireless network around Daddy's house. It made me very sad. I sat there and played FreeCell and Mah Jong until the laptop battery died. Saturday we went to Schlotsky's for lunch and I was able to post. Finally. Then we went to yes yarn and I bought this:

After that we went to the mall where I found a fabulous deal on Patricia Wexler M.D. Dermatology Acnescription™ MMPi.20™ Anti-Aging Acne Serum. I bought two. It's on clearance. I hope they're not going to stop making it, because it's amazing. I started using it Saturday night and can really see the difference. The whole Wexler line is great if you're looking to improve your skin. It's kind of pricey, but worth every penny.

On Sunday after lunch at Cracker Barrel, we drove to
The Rock
The Field
Old Green Tom
Clemson Ice Cream - Best Ice Cream EVER!
Sunday evening I went to Greenville to have dinner with Dawn. There's a Mexican place her family has been talking about forever, but haven't taken me to. Until now.

This is my half eaten dinner. From left to right, burrito, enchilada, and tamale.
Dawn's dinner: two chicken enchilada's and rice & beans.
Monday I drove back and went to my Knitting Group last night to work on Daddy's never ending vest. Fair Isle is some slow going stuff.


Jamie said...

Awwww!! My home away from home!!! Man, I miss Clemson. There's no place more beautiful... and that's the best ice cream in the world. The bleu cheese is pretty awesome, too.

HOWEVER, how can you NOT desire a Skin's hotdog when you're in Anderson??? I mean, really. If you're gonna eat hotdogs in Anderson, it has to be Skin's!! All the way. With a glass bottle Pepsi. Sacrilege. Absolutely. Doesn't matter what's in 'em. It's Skin's!! Tee hee :-)

Dawn said...

BTW, that's sour cream & salsa verde that I added on top of the enchiladas...I usually have chicken fajitas w/ the folks, but the chicken enchiladas are my backup choice.