Monday, February 23, 2009

Displaced Knitters!

I know, another post? It's not the weekend yet! But this is big. Really big!

#54 of 365

Can you believe this? See the people through the doorway sitting in the comfy chairs? They displaced the knitters tonight at Panera. That's just not right. We sit there EVERY Monday. We had to sit in the other part of the restaurant. We're loud and rowdy. Usually everyone who doesn't want to be disturbed (by the noise) sits over there. So, the poachers caused almost all of the Panera diners to be subjected to loud yarn talk and laughter. Shame on you, poachers!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Exactly...

Over my sinus/ear/cold thing, that is. I know in my last post I said I was feeling better, but then a sinus headache woke me at 2:30am and then again at 4:30am Wednesday night. I'm controlling it with medication, but it's still there. How do you get this stuff to go away?!?

I know you're all waiting with baited breath on this week's pictures, so here we go:

Sunday, 2/15: I got a gorillapod in pink and black. This picture was exceedingly difficult to obtain.
Special Note: This picture was very popular on flickr. It has 16 views, 5 comments, and 2 people "favorited" it.
#46 of 365

Monday, 2/16: Monday Knit Night - Panera Bread, Columbus, Georgia
#47 of 365

Tuesday, 2/17: I work at WLTZ NBC38 in Columbus, Georgia. At noon today, we turned off our analog transmitter in conjunction with the Switch to Digital. The privilege of pushing the off button was given to Santi Rivera, our Chief Videographer, who has worked at the station longer than anyone else. Pictured just afterward from left to right are Jerry Garvin, Chief Engineer, Drew Rhodes, General Manager, and Santi Rivera.
#48 of 365

Wednesday, 2/18: What happens when a ten mouth old gets hold of your Pampered Chef Party Invitation.
Relax: He didn't swallow the missing corner.
#49 of 365

Thursday, 2/19: Jelly Belly Jelly Beans from a Valentine Basket at work.
Note: This picture has 11 views, 4 comments, and 1 person calls it a favorite.
#50 of 365

Friday, 2/20: My friend Seth had to buy new tires today. Here is one of them. A nice, pretty Michelin.
#51 of 365

Saturday, 2/21: I sat on the couch in my pajamas covered up by my kitty throw all day today.
#52 of 365

If you enjoyed this week's pictures, please leave me a comment and let me know. If you have any suggestions for pictures, leave me a comment and let me know. If you're thinking, "Why do you call this blog 'Yarn to Knit' when you rarely talk about yarn or knitting?", leave me a comment and let me know. Have a great week.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mid February

Yeah, I'm behind. I was sick last week with some sort of sinus/ear mess. I felt bad from last Tuesday Morning until, well, this morning. When I ate breakfast today (after getting to work), I felt better. Over the weekend I felt kind of lousy, not really sick, just tired. I slept twenty-eight hours over the weekend. Last week's pictures will tell some of the story:

We had a reception at church this afternoon for our new children's minister and his family. Here are the remnants of someone's snack.
#39 of 365
My usual Panera snack for Monday Knit Night: Nutty Chocolate Chipper and a small Hazelnut Coffee.
#40 of 365
I woke up at 4:30 this morning feeling yucky. Sore throat. Stuffed up nose. Coughing. I went to work, but afterward headed to Publix to arm myself against the enemy.
#41 of 365
Cinnamin Toast
#42 of 365
red - decongestant / tan - expectorant / brown - inbuprophen / turquoise - antibiotic
#43 of 365
Cinnamon Twists from Taco Bell
#44 of 365
My friend's cat, Boots' paw.
#45 of 365

If you're behind on my 365 project you can see all the pictures in my flickr set.

My Garter Stitch Loop Through Scarf is close to being completed. Maybe next week there will be FO (Finished Object) pics for you.

Today at work we turned off our analog transmitter in conjunction with the switch to digital. There will be pictures of that next week, too.

I also went to Physical Therapy today for my back/neck and knee injuries from my car wreck three months ago. I have five exercises I have to do 100 reps of each day. Oh, boy.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

This Week in Pictures

Once again, I've been a poor blogger. I'm trying to make up for it with pictures again. Here are my photos from this week along with my comments as I posted them.

These are my 3D glasses to watch the commercials in the Superbowl. I really don't see the 3D effect all that dramatically with them. I'm really nearsighted and wear contacts or glasses all the time. I wonder if that's why.

#32 of 365

Monday night is knitting night in Columbus, GA. We gather at Panera. Usually there are 12 to 15 of us - sometimes less, sometimes more. We drink coffee or tea, eat soup and cookies, and talk a lot. There are other Monday regulars who drop by to chat and see what we're knitting. We always attract attention. ;-)

#33 of 365

Cornbread, cooked in a cast iron skillet, removed from oven with Toto the Extremely Useful and Cute Potholder. I seriously need to clean that oven!

#34 of 365

Leaving work today. Too many red lights.

#35 of 365

There were some interesting ice patterns on my windshield this morning. You can see my purse and stuff already in the car, but I couldn't resist the ice.

#36 of 365

Went to Sam's Club tonight with Seth. It was close to closing time when we got there and I kept trying to hurry him up. He didn't hurry until they started making the "Your Sam's Club is closing in ten minutes" announcements.

#37 OF 365

I babysat tonight for two little boys I've babysat a lot. The older one, 6-y-o, wanted a paper airplane. One instance when studying engineering pays off. It flew pretty well, I must say.

#38 or 365

I found out this week that one of my coworkers from twenty years ago died on Tuesday. We weren't like really good friends or anything, but it just hit me hard. He's basically one of my contemporaries. And now he's gone. I also know his son, too - A really great young man who looks a lot like his dad. Last night I ran into another coworker from that job. We chatted about this death, and gossiped about other folks we know - some have been laid off from their jobs. Times are tough.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Sunday

I'm watching the Super Bowl and doing my usual Internet surfing. I don't have a favorite team in the game, so really I'm just watching it for the commercials. I know a lot of people say that, but remember I make a living making commercials. So, for me it's. . . research. Yeah, that's it.

I realized I haven't blogged since last weekend. Nothing terribly eventful happened this week, so I'm sharing the pictures I've taken this week for my 365 project along with the comments I posted with them:

These are the hands of some of my Sunday School students. They are a wonderful group of two-year-olds. I wonder where these hands will go and whose lives they will touch.I washed all my bedding yesterday from the mattress pad and pillow covers to the sheets to the comforter and the blankets. It's nice to sleep on a really clean bed. And, yes, I'm a grown woman with a Teddy Bear. Anybody got a problem with that?!?
I went to the dentist today. No cavities!
I keep nursery at church on Wednesday nights. The two-year-olds and up have a program called "Awana". This is one of the leaders doing a puppet show for the kids. The puppets act out a story that goes along with the lesson.
Tonight's Dinner: Chicken Cordon Blue, Sweet Peas, Roasted Potatoes, and Biscuit.
Emerald Sea Salt & Pepper Cashews.
I'm having a cup of tea tonight. I'm really a coffee person, but every now and then...

Flickr has a tool that lets you make a mosaic of a set of pictures. Here is my mosaic for my January pictures:
January '09 Mosaic
This week I don't expect anything very eventful either. I babysit next Saturday night for my boys - here's hoping that's uneventful, too!