Monday, February 23, 2009

Displaced Knitters!

I know, another post? It's not the weekend yet! But this is big. Really big!

#54 of 365

Can you believe this? See the people through the doorway sitting in the comfy chairs? They displaced the knitters tonight at Panera. That's just not right. We sit there EVERY Monday. We had to sit in the other part of the restaurant. We're loud and rowdy. Usually everyone who doesn't want to be disturbed (by the noise) sits over there. So, the poachers caused almost all of the Panera diners to be subjected to loud yarn talk and laughter. Shame on you, poachers!


Mason-Dixon said...

WHat are they doing? EATING???? That's not right! That is what they have tables for....I would have charged, needles at the ready!!!!!

lauriec said...

I blame myself---had I shown up the seats would have been OURS!

Next week I will avenge this most heinous crime!