Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mid February

Yeah, I'm behind. I was sick last week with some sort of sinus/ear mess. I felt bad from last Tuesday Morning until, well, this morning. When I ate breakfast today (after getting to work), I felt better. Over the weekend I felt kind of lousy, not really sick, just tired. I slept twenty-eight hours over the weekend. Last week's pictures will tell some of the story:

We had a reception at church this afternoon for our new children's minister and his family. Here are the remnants of someone's snack.
#39 of 365
My usual Panera snack for Monday Knit Night: Nutty Chocolate Chipper and a small Hazelnut Coffee.
#40 of 365
I woke up at 4:30 this morning feeling yucky. Sore throat. Stuffed up nose. Coughing. I went to work, but afterward headed to Publix to arm myself against the enemy.
#41 of 365
Cinnamin Toast
#42 of 365
red - decongestant / tan - expectorant / brown - inbuprophen / turquoise - antibiotic
#43 of 365
Cinnamon Twists from Taco Bell
#44 of 365
My friend's cat, Boots' paw.
#45 of 365

If you're behind on my 365 project you can see all the pictures in my flickr set.

My Garter Stitch Loop Through Scarf is close to being completed. Maybe next week there will be FO (Finished Object) pics for you.

Today at work we turned off our analog transmitter in conjunction with the switch to digital. There will be pictures of that next week, too.

I also went to Physical Therapy today for my back/neck and knee injuries from my car wreck three months ago. I have five exercises I have to do 100 reps of each day. Oh, boy.

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Dawn said...

I was wondering if you were still alive...glad to hear you're feeling better now...