Monday, June 30, 2008

A Blog-iversary Contest and Some Bowling


Okay, guys, as you all know from this post, I went to A.C. Moore (well, for my first trip of the clearance sale) and purchased quite a bit of yarn and knitting stuff. So, I'm having a contest. Go read the post about what all I bought and guess how much it all cost. The person who comes closest without going over will win a prize of some yarny goodness from my extensive stash. This will all coincide with my blog-iversary coming up this Friday, July 4th. I'll be at my dad's house by then, so hopefully his neighbor with the unsecured wireless still has unsecured wireless and I can go online at 5pm (very near the actual hour of my first blog) or so and see who has come the closest. Leave me a comment either here or on the A.C. Moore post with your guess. I'll make you a deal if you are a non-knitter: I'll either teach you to knit or give you a bit of hand-knit goodness. You really can't beat an offer like that. I know in reality that very few non-knitters read my blog, so the odds aren't too great that I'll have to follow through, but I didn't want the non-knitters to feel left out. Everyone can play!

Bowling Anyone?
On Friday we had a bowling party at work. We all went bowling and it was so much fun. They let us take a two-hour lunch and bowl and the bowling alley fed us really good food. We had lots of laughs! I won in a game with three other girls. I told them it was really sad because I'm a terrible bowler. I only scored an 86, and yet I beat three other people. What's up with that?

See the two guys below? They both went to the University of South Carolina. They are the bosses at the station. It's a very unfortunate situation considering I'm a Clemson Alumnus.


Turtle said...

Hmmm, having no experience with AC Moore or their sales my original thought was maybe 78? But then ....hmmmm, 62.00. What a fun trip!

I have heard about this store for years but have never been in an area where one was to check it out. Lucky girl! What a fun haul!

Kitten With a Whiplash said...

Clearance, what a magical word. I'm going to guess $112.20. I'm sure I'm way off. My infallible method? Took 45 items times $2.50 average price, then subtracted 30¢. Congrats on a great haul, and have a great holiday.

OhAmyKP said...

OMG...WTH! I am so Jelous, espcialy about the James C. Brett Marble in Pattagonia, that color looks so soft and cozy. Never...this never happens to me (cause there aren't any large department crafy stores near me. not counting walmart which has a pittyful inventory of every thing they sell, can you believe they didn't have food coloring..crazy!)

Well Good for you...really nice way to ring in the blogaversary. I can just see you (me) carrying all those bags of goodies :)!

the way you phased the contest I feel like I'm playing The Price is Right...Can I guess $1? Just Kidding. My real guess will be $84, thanks for the contest and enjoy

p.s I'm OHAMY on ravelry

AmyPinSeattle said...

I'm going to go with $197...We'll see how far off I am!


PS - This is the amount I spent the last time I went to this type of store!

Elise said...

Hmmm... seeing as I've never been to an A.C. Moore... and there isn't one (that I'm aware of) in Missouri... I'm going to have to guess a nice, round number like $90. Since everyone else's shared their methods, I'm going to, too: I guessing A.C. Moore is like a Hobby Lobby, but maybe with more/different selections, but similar price ranges. LOL. We'll see! It's fun to splurge on yarn every now and then. I usually do it as a birthday gift to myself! : P

amy said...

i'm going to guess $54.20. no real reason - just a lucky number for me.

thanks for the opportunity - and happy knitting

p.s. love the microspun.

Lizardknits said...

Isn't it fun to splurge? I'm going to guess $102.10.

Gail said...

OK. I had to try since I am totally a non-knitter and in need of baby booties. Let's see.........I guess 54.00.

I saw your name on Al's blog when I was checking in on him and thought I would see how you are doing. I hope you have a great trip to SC this weekend. Tell Dawn that I said HI!

Katie O said...

I'm going to guess $98.70

Kathy said...

Well this IS a fun contest. Happy Blogaversary.

In honor of the date my guess is 74.08