Sunday, June 29, 2008

Picture Heavy

A week ago Saturday, the 21st, Seth and I went to Callaway Gardens. We saw pretty flowers and butterflies. . .

in the Butterfly Center.
The butterflies were so pretty.

So were the flowers.
We both took lots of pictures.
We heard an organ concert at the Chapel.
The lake outside the Chapel was so peaceful.
We went to the Sibley Center and saw even more beautiful flowers.
There's a bee inside this yellow flower.

We even rode paddle boats. It was my idea. He wasn't enthusiastic. We got in the boat and it was hard work. He was all, "See, I knew you'd do this. We'd get out here and you'd whine about how hard it is." We just took it easy and it was fun. If you try to go fast, it's hard. If you just take a leisurely pace, it's much more fun.

He has a picture of both of us from where we paddle over to another boat and passed his camera to the people in the other boat and they took a picture for us.

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