Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day. First we knitted at Peachtree Mall's Food Court. From left to right: Pati, Julie, Sandra, Laura, Mona (our token crocheter), Deb, and me.
Then we went to Hobby Lobby to knit. We sat outside, where despite the heat of a south Georgia June, we were fairly comfortable. We had shade, cold drinks, brownies, and - whenever someone left the store - a lovely blast of the air conditioning. In this picture you see Rhonda on the left. Pati left after the mall. She's pregnant and wasn't up to the heat.

I cast on this headband at the mall and bound it off at Hobby Lobby. I like it.
The Log Cabin baby blanket is Julie's. She's using up yarn remnants making it. I just realized it has a Greek Key thing going.

Mona is holding the beginning of another Afghan. She's the Afghan Queen.
Deb is wearing a sock in progress. It's this great yarn that's so soft, but I don't think I could wear it because it has some sort of shrimp content and I'm allergic. She's got such tiny feet, she cranks socks out in no time. It's taking me forever to make my sock with my big ol' feet.
The burgundy baby blanket is Laura's. I hope you can tell it has the prettiest ruffle border. We were all so impressed by the ruffle.
While we were knitting, the Hobby Lobby yarn lady stopped to talk to us. She told us about some new sock yarn they'd gotten in. We told her we wanted to see it. When we were through knitting, we went and asked her about it. It was still in a shipping crate. There were four skeins of Lion Brand Sock Ease. So pretty. We bought all four skeins right out of the crate. They never even saw a shelf. I got the pink. Better get going on my socks.
Thanks to Mona's sister Clair for taking the group pictures for me. For the rest of my photos from WWKIP Day go to my flickr account. What a Fun Day! Knit on!


One Busy Mom said...

Now all you guys need is to start whipping out the breasts and feeding infants in public.


Samantha said...

As difficult as Matthew was as a baby (even in the womb); actually, my "easy" baby ended up being my strong-willed child. Matthew will (sometimes while grumbling) do what he is told. However, Nathan (the sweet baby who never cried until getting his first ear infection at 4 months) is another story. He often opted to take his spanking and after doing what he wanted to do rather than give in and/or obey...

Nathan's better now, but that stubborn streak never really goes away! Matthew is a bit easier, and Ephraim falls somewhere in between...

Razor Family Farms said...

Wish I could have been there!

I love these pictures!