Sunday, August 21, 2011

Columbus Knitters' Lee County Fiber Quest

Recently we learned that there were new yarn stores in Auburn and Opelika, so we planned what we call a "yarn store field trip." Yesterday was the day. We had such fun! My favorite barbecue place is in Auburn and my friends indulged me lunch there. Thankfully they enjoyed it, too. We met the nice yarn store owners, bought a lot of yarn, ate good food, bought some more yarn, got to see our student from last year who is now a freshman at Auburn University, and enjoyed our journey there and back together. I love my knitsters! Please press the "play" button below to see my photos.


Kellin Smith said...

Greetings. :)

We just launched Columbus bookoo - a massive online yard sale for Columbus and surrounding areas. Thousands of people buying and selling used stuff from each other, in a family-friendly way. :) Here's the website:

We're getting the word out to some local bloggers, and would like to send you a free bookoo t-shirt (no strings attached!). If you would like a free t-shirt, will you send me an email at with your address and shirt size? I'll get it out to you right away.


Kim2kim said...

Hey Holly! I'm interested in learning how to crochet. Do you know of anyone who is willing to teach? My email is Thank you for your time, Kimberly

Holly S. said...
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Holly S. said...

We meet at Panera each Monday evening. There are several crocheters who may be able to help you. None give formal lessons; but if you were to show up with hook and yarn, they would show you what to do. Come join us!