Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I Miss My Kids

I had to work tonight.
I missed church.
I miss the kids.
I wonder if Jenna was there tonight?

I wonder what Emma got into.

I wonder if MaryWallace talked.

I wonder if AmberLee sang herself to sleep again.


I wonder if Will was the only boy again with a whole bunch of baby girls to keep him company.

I got to go to church today for a bithday party at lunchtime. (It's employee appreciation week at MBC; and since I work in the nursary, I got invited.) It was backward. I had cake, then I had a chicken roll-up thing from KFC on my way back to work. Tomorrow the personnel committee is feeding us a full lunch. The fact that I had to work late tonight, means I have some overtime to burn off this week, so I'm going to the lunch -- a luxury I usually don't have. It's going to be a nice little break in my day. It still won't make up for missing my babies.


Holly said...

I find your devotion to your Sunday school babies so precious! I bet they missed having you there too!

Marion said...

You need to take a better picture of Will! He looks like he's about to pass out :-)