Saturday, March 22, 2008

Photo Friday

Happy Easter! This is from last year's Egg-stravaganza at church. It was so cold that morning. Something like 30 degrees when we were hiding the eggs. You see I'm all bundled up with gloves and scarf (and coffee!) I sent these out as Easter cards to some folks around.

And, yes, I know I'm late for Photo Friday, but I babysat Catherine yesterday and we went shopping. We went to Walgreens, Hobby Lobby, and Barnes & Noble - all places of her choosing. Then Seth met us at Buffalo Wild Wings for a dinner that took an hour and a half! They are so slow. I'm not going back there again. No matter how much Catherine wants to. We had a fun evening, though.

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Razor Family Farms said...

Hey Holly!

Thank you for your advice on the Mexico trip! We had a great time in Chilapa! Bless you for keeping us close to your heart and deep in your prayers during Easter week.

Can't wait to see you a knitting circle!