Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Friends and their blogs

Tonight at church, the last two kids were the youth minister's son and younger daughter. Lee-R, the three-year-old son, tells us that his dad's in Peru. We knew about this, but Miss Karen asked him anyway "What's your daddy doing in Peru?" He answered "Praying and telling people about God." I said, "That's awesome, Lee-R!" When his mom came to pick them up, I told her what he said and she was so proud. She gave him a high five and said she can't wait to tell his dad. To learn more about the trip to Peru, check out Samantha's blog. Sam's husband Charles is on the trip to Peru, too.

Work is crazy busy and next week will be worse. Yippy.

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Samantha said...

Kim must have done a better job than me in telling the kids what their Daddies were doing. Ephraim told M. his Daddy was at the zoo!