Saturday, March 15, 2008

Never in My Lifetime

Clemson Stuns No. 7 Duke, 78-74 Clemson is not known for its basketball team. Never has been. Clemson is the only original member of the Atlantic Coast Conference to have never won the ACC Tournament. They are closer now than they have ever been in my lifetime. Not since 1962 have they even been in the finals. They lost to Wake Forest that year. Tomorrow they get another chance. This time against the University of North Carolina. Today they beat the #7 ranked Duke. Tomorrow they play the #1 Tarheels. It's a mighty challenge. I hope the guys are up to it. I'm so proud of what they accomplished today. I almost came to tears at the final buzzer. I couldn't get PMF on the phone, so I called my friend Arnold who went to UNC. His son Adam answered the phone. I asked Adam if his dad was watching basketball. He said, "Duke and Clemson? Yeah." "You know Clemson just won that game." "Really?" "Do you know what that means, Adam?" "What?" "Clemson plays UNC tomorrow for the tournament championship." He says loudly "They're going down!!!" Then I got to talk to Arnold, and of course, Catherine. The game's at 12:30. I guess there's no going out for lunch after church tomorrow. Go Tigers!


Dawn said...

no going out for lunch (you could get take-out) and no Sunday afternoon nap... Dare I ask if you got any knitting done???

Holly S. said...

I don't think I even sat down for the last hour of the game. I probably wi=
ll get take out. Sonic sounds good. Oh, or Papa Johns will bring food to =

Jamie said...

I love the Tiger pic :-) They look so happy!