Friday, May 9, 2008

Photo Friday and More!

Do you remember this box?

Look what's inside!
If you remember this post, you'll remember these earrings that I ordered from on Big Bonanza Silver Day, way back on March 1. They were on waitlist and finally arrived this week. Look how cute the guardian angels are. I wore them yesterday and they wore great, too.
This past Sunday my friend Cindy and I left after church to head up to Gay, Georgia, for the Cotton Pickin' Fair. It's a huge arts and crafts extravaganza that multiplies by a factor of ten the population of the small town with only one red light. There are all sorts of amazing things that people have created as well as antiques and food and entertainment and more. Cindy spotted a vintage 50's style dinette set with sunny yellow chairs. She fell in love and fell hard. We walked away for a minute and she said, "That sure is pretty." I asked her what she'd do with her old table and she said it was a secondhand piece without a lot of value and she'd willingly get rid of it. Her concern was that we'd driven to the fair in my Honda Civic. How would we get it home? I said, "If the legs come off the table, we can do it." We went back to the booth. The legs came off. Here it is in my car.

If you fold down the backseat of a Civic, it's like an SUV in there. I should have gotten a picture of it after she and I put the legs back on it at her house. Getting those legs on it was a challenge. Cindy broke her wrist Easter Sunday. It was also her birthday and she was at her brother's house in the yard playing with her niece and nephew and fell on it. Two days later she had surgery. So, I screwed the legs in and she held a flashlight. It's was easier than either of us thought it would be. It's really cute and she got a great deal. She loves it. She says she's eaten breakfast sitting there every day this week.

I need to get up in the morning and knit on Daddy's vest. I forgot to take my pattern with me to knitting group on Monday night! I ended up working on my car project. I want to finish the car project before I blog about it. I will tell you that it's a theme dishcloth. What's the theme? You'll have to wait and see. I will be publishing the pattern here in my blog. I've got a feeling it will have a niche market, though.

Sunday is Seth's birthday. I've been invited to a cookout at his folks' house. I've really got to come up with a gift!

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