Friday, May 23, 2008

Knitting Photo Friday

I made this dishcloth this week for a girl at work who is leaving for bigger and better things. Carly loves pink and green (she even had a pink & green wedding). She's so sweet and kind and fun. It's been a joy to work with her for the last four years. When she told us last week that she was leaving, I knew I wanted to make something for her. So I gathered up some pink and green yarn and a variegated that had both colors and found a great pattern on ravelry, and a couple of days later, voila. This is called Vortex 5. If you look at the center, you'll see a variegated square. Around it and rotated counter-clockwise is a pink square, followed by a variegated square, then a green square, then a variegated square. I single crocheted a pink border around it which I think really sets it of. (You have now seen the full extent of my crocheting skills. That's all I can do.) I love the geometry of this pattern. There's also a Vortex 6 and Vortex 7 pattern on ravelry. I'm thinking rainbow for the V6.

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