Saturday, May 17, 2008

Photo Friday

Sunday at church they handed out these roses in honor of Mother's Day. Victoria Mitchell, who is one of the most lovely and Godly women I know, handed me one and said, "This is because you take care of everybody's children in the nursery." It survived sitting in my car while I ate lunch at Fuddrucker's (best hamburgers - ever!) and while I went to the mall to get Seth's birthday present. I put it in water with a little sugar when I got home (I think I learned the sugar thing from Martha Stewart, to be honest), and look - five days later it's opened to a full bloom. My mom died ten years ago on May 9th, so Mother's Day always is a tough time for me. Watching this rose open to reveal its beauty and smelling its beautiful scent have been a comfort this week.

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lauriec said...

Oh Holly, I am so sorry about your Mom!

Your rose is beautiful & ty for the sugar trick!