Friday, May 30, 2008

Opportunistic Photo Friday

Have you ever tried True Lemon? There's also True Lime. Both are really good. It's crystallized lemon or lime juice. There's a True Orange, too; but I've never seen it in person. If you're a person who likes lemon or lime in their water, it's really good. I'll dump four packs of the lime into a quart of water from my Brita pitcher and have it with a quesadilla at home. Yum-oh! (As Racheal Ray would say.) Why am I doing a commercial on my blog for True Lemon/Lime? (Don't my commercials usually just appear on television?) Well, I went to their website and requested free samples. They send me an occasional newsletter and today's newsletter included an annoucement that if you recommend True Lemon/Lime/Orange on a message board, chat room, or blog, they'll send you ten packets. If you include the link to the free sample page, (as I - ahem - did above) they send five more. There's also a radio commercial. That link take you to the page to play it. (Maybe they'll include five more packs for that link!) When I had a sore throat, I mixed a couple of packs of Lemon with honey and hot water to make a soothing hot lemonade. Perfect. If you're trying to cut back on sugar, but like drinks with flavor, try it. Just order a free sample. It's risk free and if you don't like it, you can give it to me. I don't like artificial sweetener, so it's perfect for me. I figure God made sugar. It's food. That stuff in the pink, blue, and yellow packets are chemicals created in a lab. Not food. The only yellow packs I want around are True Lemon packets. For my Southern friends, it's available at Publix. At my Publix it's on the juice aisle near the Kool-Aid. I'm going to request samples of the True Orange. I want to see what it's like.


Dawn said...

now, I gotta start a blog!

Razor Family Farms said...

I wanted to tell you how great it was to see you at the knitting circle! I've missed you!

We need to plan to have lunch together some time! Maybe Jason's Deli or something?

Talk to you soon!


Razor Family Farms said...

my site is currently under construction (we're rebuilding). I thought I would let you know so you didn't think I had abandoned it or allowed an alien being to overtake Planet Lacy.


Not that I know of anyway.