Saturday, January 5, 2008


Today I went downtown to have lunch with my PMF while he has to work Saturday's (which he hates!) Afterward I went to my favorite beauty store: Ulta. I just love Ulta. Many of my friends have heard this story, but I'm going to tell it anyway. I've shopped at Ulta in Atlanta and in South Carolina for several years, a member of their frequent shopper club. The day I read in the Ledger-Enquirer that Ulta was coming to Columbus, tears welled up in my eyes. The day the Columbus store opened, I was there. I told them this story. When I returned to the store later in the week, one of the girls said, "I remember you. You're 'The Crier'." Anyway, there are great deals to be had there. I got two hair color kits, a hand cream, a lipstick, a facial scrub, two deliciously scented body washes, two deliciously scented body lotions, and a hairspray. I had manufacturers coupons, plus the coupons in the mailer they send me as part of the frequent shopper club. My total for the day was $22.16. I love Ulta.

Afterward I came home and made another pan of cornbread to continue eating my turnip greens from New Year's Day. And I'm watching We Are Marshall on HBO. Two words: Matthew McConaughey. Oh, my. Even with 70's hair. This is a beautiful story, too. It kind of reminds me of the Cuba Gooding, Jr. movie Radio which, for those who don't know, is about the high school I attended in Anderson, South Carolina. Ed Harris plays my gym teacher from tenth grade. When it was in production, I was telling my dad about it, who they had cast in it and everything. None of the names meant anything to him until the day I told him the Lieutenant from Law & Order was playing Radio's mother. Well, then his opinion of the whole thing changed and he realized that this was really going to be something! Also, I saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets last weekend and Ed Harris is something of a bad guy in this movie. I don't like him as a bad guy. He was Coach Jones. He can't be a bad guy now.

Also, I realize I didn't post much between Thanksgiving and New Year's, so I'm going to throw in some photos I took during this time to catch you up: Here's me and Daddy in the backseat of my cousin Steve's SUV riding to Augusta for Thanksgiving Dinner at our Cousin David's house. Yes, those are size 50 Lion Brand Speed Stix in my hands. I used five skeins of soft yellow Fun Fur and made a great fluffy scarf!
This is Steve and his wife Nancy on David's back deck. Yes, David's place is really beautiful.
Clockwise from bottom, my Aunt Eunice and her sons, my cousins Perry, David, and Randall.
The spread: That's David's daughter Katie, first in line.
While I was in SC, I went to see my high school friend, Teresa, who has a goat farm.
I'll stick more pics in my next post. You'll be caught up in no time!

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