Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, I'm a couple of days late for my birthday, it was Sunday, the 13th. I had a really nice day. My PMF and the kids in Sunday School threw a birthday party for me. Instead of the usual graham crackers, we had real cookies from the Publix bakery. They were good and the kids liked them. Well, some of them wouldn't eat the oatmeal raisin, but neither would I.

My friend Karen and I went to lunch. I always like to eat Mexican on my birthday. We went to a place where we don't go very often. There was a family from church there - we have their 18-month-old son on Wednesday night and I had their 4-year-old daughter in Sunday School two years ago. We spoke to them and told them it was my birthday. We had a nice meal. Afterward the mom, Julie, came by our table with the daughter who gave me a hug and told me "Happy Birthday". Then Julie said they had paid for our lunch (!) because they appreciate all we do for the kids! That was so cool and unexpected.

Then Sunday night, the PMF's mom invited me to birthday dinner at their house. We had breakfast for dinner. I love that. There was bacon, eggs, grits, biscuits, Eggo's, fruit, and more. It was SO good.

I had a really nice day. Getting older sucks, but at least I have people around who care about me, and you can't ask for much better than that.


PetLover said...

Happy Birthday, Holly! I'm sorry that I didn't make it to the meeting on Monday. Things got a little crazy! I can't drive because of my eye (I have an ulceration on my right eye). Doc says it will be some time before I'm 100% again. I'll be there next week though. My husband promised that he would take me! I missed you guys! Can't wait to meet Lacey! Hello and hugs to Katy. --Lacy

Holly said...

Happy Birthday!