Monday, January 7, 2008


On New Year's Eve I went to AC Moore. I was sitting on the floor in the yarn aisle going through the clearance yarn and met two girls who were shopping. I invited them to the knitting group. One of the girls gave me her website to visit. She's got some great stuff on there. Go visit. This is what I bought at AC Moore that day. Twelve skeins of clearance yarn. Most of it, well, some of it, has a destiny.

The weekend before Christmas weekend, I babysat Catherine and Adam. Catherine got in my knitting bag found some yarn and said, "Oh, Miss Holly! I LOVE this yarn. Would you make me a scarf out of it?" It's Red Heart symphony in Dark Rose. I had some size 35 needles in my bag that I wasn't using, so I cast on and knit. With the big needles it's very lacy. When it was as long as she is tall, I bound it off. She was so pleased. Looks great with her "Dora" jammies, huh? It looked really cute when she wore it to church the next day.

I made these ornaments for Christmas. I call them Yarn-aments. It's Yarn Bee Airy. I had some left over after making a scarf. I gave these to some of my friends along with a hand cream or some bath salts. Cindy and Debbie liked it because they say the yarn kind of sparkled in the Christmas lights.

I didn't get to stay in South Carolina long for Christmas. I went up on Saturday, the 22nd, and came back on Tuesday, Christmas Day. Here's a picture of downtown Anderson, South Carolina, my hometown, all decked out for Christmas. Yes, I was seriously annoying the other drivers as I took these pictures. Not to mention annoying my dad in the passenger seat.

I made my PMF a hat for Christmas. This is Bernat Denim in the green color. I used the Knifty Knitter. That's the only way I can do a hat. They don't turn out for me otherwise.

We've almost finished the "Blogless Holiday" updates. I've got just a couple more photos to share.


lauriec said...

I take pictures from the car too!

PetLover said...

Hi Holly! Thank you for linking to my website! I'm sorry that I've been such a rotten blog visitor of late -- I haven't been able to see!! Now that I can (well, sort of) -- I'm catching up on everything I've missed! My aunt and uncle (father's side) are visiting from Maryland this week and my husband's aunt & cousin arrive Saturday. We're going to the Lee Flea Market/Auction Sat. night and plan to buy a few more chickens. I want to get some nice hens and name them after the Gabor sisters. Hope you stop by the blog and see the pictures of our new gals on Sunday!

I continue to adore your blog!! Excellent pictures and I love your writing!

See you Monday! -Lacy

Jamie said...

Yay Anderson!! I miss Anderson.