Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jenna, Etc.

This is ten-month-old Jenna. She's a friend of mine from church. (Yes, I made her hat.) She's been throwing up since last Monday. She was in the hospital from Wednesday to Friday and then went home. She started throwing up again yesterday morning and went back to the hospital. I went to see her and her mom, Wendi, and dad, Jason, after lunch today. I walked into her hospital room with a couple that's friends with them. Jenna looked up at us all and smiled her big bright smile. She ate a little Friday morning, but that's all she's eaten since Monday. Bless her heart. Her spirits are up, but she's so hungry and can't keep anything down. The doctors are doing tests to try and figure out what's wrong. Keep them in your prayers.

Okay, continuing with my "Blogless Holiday" Update: When we visited Teresa's goat farm, Daddy and I had our picture taken with a goat.
Dawn went with us on our visit to the goat farm. Here's a picture of Dawn with a goat.
Here's a photo of me and Teresa. We called her "Thumper" in high school. She played cymbals in band. Daddy never remembers who she is when I say "Teresa". I always have to tell him "Thumper".
At work, we videotaped the Bi-City Christmas Parade early in the morning of December 8th. There's the production truck we borrowed from our sister station in Montgomery. We had signs made up with our logo on them to cover up their logos. Do you like our logo? I designed it myself. There's a couple of week's of my life. Go look at our website. There's a couple more.

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PetLover said...

Hi! My name is Lacy and we met at the craft store. I posted a profile on the Stitch n' Bitch members site and will see you at Panera's tonight (I'm bringing a friend). I followed the link to your blog and LOVE it! Josh (my husband) and I have spent the last few months getting ready to purchase and house goats! We already have chickens and guineas.

See you tonight!