Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Conclusion of "Blogless Holiday" Update

This pattern is called Calorimetry. It's designed for people with long hair to keep their ears warm. I knit it in a yarn called Paradox that's a Yarn Bee yarn from Hobby Lobby. This was my "After I Got Back to Georgia After Spending Christmas in South Carolina" project. I so need to clean that mirror.
For those who've asked about Daddy's Christmas vest, it's been renamed Daddy's Birthday Vest. He got the back for Christmas. He'll (hopefully) get the front for his birthday next month. It does look pretty, doesn't it?
I was at the dentist this afternoon and was chatting with the hygienist while we waited on the dentist to come in. I was telling her about this vest and pulled out my digital camera to show her the picture. We were looking at it and Dr. Leerssen came in. Julie showed it to him and he told me about his mother who joined a knitting group after his dad died and how much she likes it. He got hand knit socks for Christmas. Last year he got felted slippers! I told him the next time his mom visits to bring her to Panera on Monday night! He said, "I will. She'd love that!" Oh, and no cavities!

I also had my mammogram this morning. The technician didn't see anything, but it still has to go through a doctor's hands to be official.

Jenna went home from the hospital today. She's eating 2 ounces of formula every two hours. After two days she gets three every three. Then four every four. They go back to the doctor on Monday. They still aren't totally sure what caused it.

I think that's all that happened during my holidays. Oh, presents: I got some gift cards - Applebee's, Cracker Barrel, Subway, money, knitting books, ankle boots, clothes, body wash/lotion/scrub/spray. Now I'm all caught up.


Angela said...

I LOVE the way the vest is coming along! I've been wondering if it was finished or not. :-)

Holly said...

The vest is amazing!