Thursday, July 5, 2007

So much yarn, so little time.

I'm working on my first sweater. It's in a cool Yarn Bee yarn called Paradox in a color called "Wild Night". It's black with hot pink fuzzies. So cute. I'm basing the pattern off one in a book that Julie from my knitting group is working on. Debbie from the group is also making one in the same pattern. Debbie is making hers in a cotton yarn. I'm sure Debbie's will be done before mine. A) Debbie seems to have more time to knit than I do. and B) Debbie is of a tiny frame and mine is quite ample. I just took a picture of my progress that I was going to happily post, but I am currently unable to locate my USB cable. Okay I tried one more place and still can't find it. Where did I put that thing? Eventually you'll see it.

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