Wednesday, July 25, 2007

More Grief

This is Scarlette. She was born August 25, 1991. I took her to my parents' house as a gift to them that October. She was spoiled and much loved. I called her "Sissy" - because we're sisters - same parents. When my mom died nine years ago (after a series of strokes over several years), it was Scarlette who let Daddy know. You can see by the picture that she doesn't like having her photo taken. One day I was following her around the yard trying to take a picture of her. She didn't like it. She went around to the back door. I told her I just wanted to take a picture of her. She hissed, swatted my foot with her paw, then jumped through the storm door where she'd pulled the screen off one corner producing her own cat-door. Scarlette died last Wednesday. One month shy of her 16th birthday. She will be terribly missed.

There was a lot of grief last week. I cried for several days in a row over Scarlette and my friend from church. There was a very nice funeral on Saturday. Over the years there were many times at drama rehearsals that Cindy would come up to me and say, "Would you go run sound?" It happened a lot. They would need microphones and there wouldn't be anyone to run them. Saturday I arrived for the funeral and sat down in a pew. After only a few minutes, I got a tap on the shoulder and was asked, "Would you go run sound?" It was fitting. Running sound one last time for her. She will be missed, too.

I'm still trying to learn to knit socks. I have still been getting up in the morning and exercising. I'm eating my fruits and vegetables. Ready to see some results. Come on fat, get the heck out of here!

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Holly said...

I'm so sorry to hear you're going through a hard time, with losing both your friend and Scarlette. My thoughts are with you!