Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fruit and Veggies

After work today I went to the produce market up on the north side. It's been there for years, but I never went. Now with all the talk of buying locally grown produce, I thought it was time to visit. I bought lots of yummy veggies. Came home and had a big salad. It was good. They have lots of other stuff there packed in simple zip lock bags. Some of it was snack stuff like you see in the supermarket - chocolate covered almonds, yogurt almonds, gummy bears, etc. I got some Sesame Sticks with Oat Bran. They are quite tasty. I threw some on my salad, too. The other thing I got was frozen hushpuppies. I love hushpuppies! Being allergic to fish, I don't get a lot of hushpuppies. I sure do like them, though. I had hushpuppies with my salad. Unorthodox, I know. It was really good, though.

A lot is going on at work. We're very busy. The station is in transition with new management and lots of changes are happening. It's exciting, a little nerve wracking, and who knows what's coming next.

All right, I'm getting off the computer now to go knit. Gotta work on that sweater.

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Becca said...

Holly, you've got a blog! I didn't know! Yay for you!

I know, the Ravelry talk is so hard to take until you get the invite. I can't wait till you can come and play!

Which market did you go to, the one up on Vets Pkwy? I've never been to any around here, and I should go.

Glad you are enjoying your new free weekends!