Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sinuses are the Pits

This is what I've been carrying around all week. Tissues, Vapor Rub, Ricola, and hot Tea. The Sinus Mist was an addition I made yesterday. I slept for about twelve hours last night. I actually felt little bit better when I woke up this morning. I went and had lunch with PMF today at Chic Fil-A. I had nuggets and discovered that the nuggets have 10 calories less than the grilled chicken sandwich. And the Sweet Tea has almost half as many calories as the lemonade. Who knew they put that much sugar in their lemonade?!? I feel much better about nuggets and sweet tea now.
So I've been sick this week with bad sinuses. I've pretty much just been to work this week. There were a couple runs to Publix for essentials, but no Knitting Monday night and no church on Wednesday. I've just taken it easy this week. I guess it paid off because I do feel a little better today. I don't think I've had to blow my little sore nose all day. Yea!
Anyway, I was under the weather and I'm now making my way back on top of it. Hope you are doing better.

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