Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My dust and 409 disturbed sinuses have taken on a state of congestion they are now sharing with my throat and to some extent, my lungs. My PMF knew it was bad when he called yesterday morning on his way to work and I was drinking hot tea instead of coffee. He knew it was really bad when he called last night on his way home and I told him I wasn't going to my knitting group. I don't feel really bad, just kind of yucky. No fever or anything, just a little hoarse. My boss at work is sick, too. Today he was sneezing and I was coughing; but every now and then, I'd sneeze or he'd cough. This afternoon I made him take a good sniff of my Vicks Inhaler.He didn't sneeze so much after that!

I made heart shaped strawberry Jello Jigglers for my Sunday School Class Sunday. Two-Year-Olds are funny with Jigglers. Some dive right in, and are asking for more very quickly. Some have to be persuaded and embrace the Jiggler once they are convinced of its deliciousness. Some like the taste of the Jiggler, but do not care to touch it. They will, however, eat the Jiggler if it is fed to them. I've got the gizmo that let's you make Easter Egg shaped Jigglers. They are really fun, but lots of trouble. Whether the Easter Bunny will bring those March 23rd remains to be seen.

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