Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Question to Ponder

Okay, I have a question for you: I'm considering starting a second blog. When I began Yarn to Knit last summer. I meant it to be a knitting blog. And often - well, sometimes, it is. But then life intervenes and I spend more time talking about work or church than knitting. Does this mean I need a second blog where I can discuss life issues, philosophical issues, that sort of thing? And just keep Yarn to Knit for mostly knitting content.

Where did all this come from, you ask? Well, over the weekend I was searching Google for something else entirely and one of the results was my old friend Brandi's blog. Brandi is such a rich and prolific writer. Her writing is beautiful and deep. It makes you think. It made me remember the fun times we had while she and Bob lived here. Those were such great times. I cried and mourned when they moved away five and a half years ago. I wasn't missing them much until I read her blog and now I miss them terribly. And I started thinking about the content of Brandi's blog and remembering that I've written some stuff like that. Not as beautifully as Brandi does, but I can be deep. So, then I started to think that maybe I wouldn't want to put that sort of thing on Yarn to Knit. Maybe I should have a second blog for deep thoughts. Anyway, opinions? Comments? Feel free to speak you mind.


lauriec said...

I dont think you need 2 blogs. Knitting is part of your life & what goes on in your life has a direct impact on your knitting. So, there is no need for a 2nd blog!

Holly said...

I'm always thinking about starting a second blog, and then I remember, "Oh yeah! I can barely keep up with the first blog!" lol I'm thinking about having theme days or something though. You could have "Deep Thoughts Thursday" or something.

Maid of Misrule said...

I like reading about your daily adventures, admiring your new Friday photos, & keeping up with you knitting projects. Sometimes I think philosophy & crafting go hand-in-hand.

Bob Chambless said...


Just catching up on your blog! Glad to hear from you. Let's continue to stay in touch.

Missing you and our friends at Morningside.