Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Go Tigers!

Look what I got today! I'm so excited! I tried to get it last month when I had to renew my tag before my birthday. The folks at the tag office couldn't get the computer to let them issue the tag to me. They took my phone number and said they'd call me when they figured it out. A month later, I got a message saying they had it ready. I went downtown at lunchtime today and got it. Had to turn in my old tag. I had to take a wrench and remove my old tag on the street across from the office. When I went in, the security guy had to hold my wrench. I don't know what he thought I might do with it in the tag office, but he held it while I went and claimed my tag. So, they gave me my new Clemson tag and I went out, showed it to the security guys and got my wrench back. Then put it on the car right there on Second Avenue. I called my dad to tell him about it. He wasn't home. I left a message. I called Dawn because I knew she'd appreciate it - or at least appreciate my enthusiasm for it. I made everyone at work go look at it today. Especially the two guys who went to Carolina. Can't wait to show it off at church tomorrow! It's the only one in Columbus! When I got home I had my Clemson World Alumni magazine in the mailbox waiting on me. It was a very orange day! I even wore an orange shirt today.
Be very afraid: I'm sitting here with Magic Stripes yarn, size 3 needles, and a Cat Bordhi sock book.


Maid of Misrule said...

I LOVE the plate!! It looks great! I just heard from the b/f, though, that GA is planning to discontinue the Clemson plates -- have you heard anything about this?

Holly S. said...

They just started issuing the Clemson tags in November. Mine was the first issued in Columbus. Hopefully it'll catch on as people start seeing them on the road. I think a lot of folks will do like I did and wait for their regular renewal to order one.

Today I walked out of Publix and thought, "Now where did I park?" Then, I caught an orange glow from the back of a blue Honda, and voila! An added benefit!

Jamie said...

I've got one too!! I am in the Clemson group with you in Ravelry and just happened to find your blog. Nice.