Saturday, September 15, 2007

Football, Knitting, and Theology

I had a lovely day today. I got up around 10am, made some bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee, then sat on the couch and knitted and watched football for several hours. Ahh. Perfection. I finished this:

For those of you who don't know the story, it was supposed to be a Christmas gift last year, but wasn't done. Then I started working the ends in and it was a nightmare. First, there's a zillion of them; second, the yarn's not the best for working in ends (Lion Suede - beautiful and soft, but the weaving in is horrible). So I made the decision to fringe the long ends instead of weaving in. I really think it works. I finished fringing today about the time Auburn lost to Mississippi State. My Auburn alumni friends probably would prefer me not to watch them. Whenever I watch, they seem to lose. Clemson beat Furman today. Duh. 38-10. My PMF went to Athens today to see UGA play. Big point of contention between us: He likes Georgia and my favorite teams are Clemson and whoever's playing Georgia.

I drug myself to the shower about 4:30 and was ready just in time to go to church for a Sunday School teacher dinner at 6pm. We had a good speaker , Dr. Charles Lowery, and I really enjoyed it. He talked about how we don't need to let things that don't matter bother us. How if something is out of our control, we shouldn't worry about it. We are not in charge of the Universe. That's God's job. Our job is to have fun and let Him do His job. Cool.

This is what my dad says he wants for Christmas:

While I was at his house last weekend, he was looking through my knitting magazines and I went to take out my contacts and wash my face. When I turned off the water, I heard, "Come here, Hon. I found something I want you to make me for Christmas." (FYI: It's "Canyon Ridge" in the current Knitters.) Thanks for not waiting until Thanksgiving, Daddy.

Two Great Knitting Numbers:

4 Days until I see the Yarn Harlot.

134 People ahead of me on the Ravelry waiting list.


Dawn said...

You may want to clarify that your Dad wants the sweater vest in the picture. I, on the otherhand, would be delighted with the guy in it... hehehehe cute & young!

Holly said...

That's the inherent danger in letting people find out your willing to knit for them. My husband wants a scarf with about 20 million rows of intarsia. Bleh! That's a nice vest though!