Monday, August 27, 2007

New Computer!!!!

Y'all, I got a new computer. It's a Dell laptop. 2 GB of memory, 120 GB hard drive, DVD burner, and a wide screen. It's so nice. I'm sitting on the couch with my feet up on one of the many yarn totes and the computer in my lap. I'm wireless, baby!! I could be sitting in the bed doing this. To put this in perspective, let me tell you about my old computer - it was an eMachines desktop, 8 GB hard drive, and I bought it EIGHT YEARS AGO this month. Yes, I own a computer from the twentieth century. Today I upgraded from Windows 98 SE to Windows Vista Home Premium. Holy Cow! My PMF installed my wireless network and did a bang up job for me. I enjoy all the little flashing lights on the router.

I missed knitting tonight. I babysat for my boys, Jack and Gray, tonight and thought their folks might get home in time for me to go to knit for a little bit, but alas, they came in too late. That's okay, though. Next week we go to Panera. Yea!!

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Holly said...

Congratulations on the new laptop!