Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Kids and Knits!

These are the Sunday School kids (along with one mom - he wouldn't stop crying, it's his twin sister who has the broken leg and we think he misses her.) Anyway, I'm in the back with the two cute little girls in my lap. That's the PMF on the left. I love the picture below where it looks like he's getting a "wet willy." They're a great bunch of kids. Our lesson was "God wants us to get along." After the lesson I broke up two fights by saying, "Hey! God wants us to get along!" I don't know if they really got it, but they stopped fighting, so there!
That sad little white blob there on the left is my practice sock. The heel looks great. For some reason though it's kind of blobby in the instep. I think I'm trying toe up next time. The one on the right is Debbie's. It 's not blobby, though there is the interesting accent of a purl row on the right side. (Oops, she said.) Our group has one more week at Burger King and then we move to Panera Bread. I'm excited. Better food! And we get to knit in public again. I so miss knitting in public (KIPing).

The Yarn Harlot posted details about her Atlanta visit. I've made my reservation. I'll have to show her my sad little sock. How embarrassing!

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Holly said...

Too bad yelling "God wants us to get along!" doesn't work on world leaders!