Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I had lots of fun at Six Flags on Monday (congrats to Dawn for following the link and figuring it out), though the heat was a lot to take. So much that I was persuaded by my PMF to venture into Skull Island fully clothed. I did feel much better afterward, but walking around in wet heavy knit fabric shorts for the rest of the afternoon was rather uncomfortable.

Work is very busy. I got back Tuesday and found I was scheduled to do two new commercials. It was a busy day. As was today. Plus, the GM wants me to continue to work on our design for our new logo. I thought we'd settled on the new logo. Guess I was wrong.

Tonight I was in the church nursery and got a call from the Children's Minister letting me know that one of my new Sunday School students (who is supposed to start on Sunday) is in the hospital with a broken femur (thigh bone). She has a twin brother. They'll be two-years-old next week. The PMF, who teaches with me, and I went to the hospital to see her. Those poor parents are going to be pulling their hair out with her in this horrendous contraption for four to six weeks. Cast from left foot to waist, then down right leg and the legs attached by a bar at the knees. I asked her mom how she's going to change a diaper in that contraption. She said, "They tell me it's not easy." They said when they were in the ER with her last night she kept telling everyone, "I sorry." All together now, "Ahhhhh."

I did miss knitting on Monday night. I called them from the Interstate outside Newnan to check in. A couple of the girls who've missed lately were back, and I was gone. It happens. I really should have taken some knitting with me. I could have made some progress on the sweater while the PMF drove. Well, hindsight's 20/20.

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Teresa said...

I love going to Six Flags. Maybe I can squeeze in a trip before the season is over. Probably not.