Saturday, January 17, 2009

Meeting New Friends

Meet my new friend Boots. Last Saturday Boots showed up at Seth's house. He gave it some cat treats and some petting. Sunday Boots was there. Seth's cousins came over for dinner and Tom said it was a girl. Seth's parents kept saying "don't feed it!" They weren't so much in the market for a cat. Monday Seth came home from work and they'd built the cat a house and put out a saucer of milk. At this point they named her "Boots". Seth went out and bought cat food. By Wednesday night when the weather turned really cold for central Georgia, they decided she needed to sleep in the old storage building. They rigged up a litterbox.
Seth asked me to come to Pine Mountain this morning to help him take Boots to the vet. We waited in the lobby and one mean dog and one nice dog. Boots was not happy about any of this. We finally went back to see the vet. She walked in and took one look and said, "We have a neutered male." What?!? Obviously Tom was wrong. Boots was loving on all of us and the vet the whole time we were talking. Then she took HIM to the back to weigh him and give him some medicine. He wasn't as loving to the vet when she brought him back out. He's a great cat. Very sweet. Smart. Seth and I went to lunch with Mr. Ray (his dad) after the vet visit. Mr. Ray said he'd been thinking about a way to build Boots his own house area. (The storage building is not a permanent solution.) Yes, that man who, one week ago, didn't want to feed the stray that had taken up with them, now is planning construction projects to give the cat a better life. Too funny. Seth wrote about Boots over on his blog, too.

This is my 365 picture for today:
I do audio for weddings at church and had a wedding today. It was a really sweet ceremony for a sweet young couple. I took this photo from the audio booth while everyone was getting ready before the wedding.

I need to go study my Sunday School lesson now. Have a great weekend.


Holly said...

Boots is a lucky cat! I'm glad you found each other!

Holly S. said...

Well, Holly, Boots is living with Seth's family, so we're only friends. He adopted a good family. They've never had a cat, so I'm coaching them through the process. I think it's going to be good for all of them.

One Busy Mom said...

Awwww....I love Morningside.