Friday, October 5, 2007

Warning for New Knitters!!!!

Okay, when I became obsessed with knitting three years ago, I have to confess, I fell victim to the Fun Fur.
I knit lots of scarves with the Fun Fur. Lots. Many of my friends have fur scarves.

Another confession: My stash is 150 quarts of yarn. That's a 55 quart tote and five 19 quart totes. I was cataloging my stash last night for ravelry. (This should be a mental health exercise.) Last night I got through 93 quarts of it, the 55 and two of the 19's. Oh. My. God. The Fun Fur.
I remember buying it. I know it came from Hobby Lobby. I don't think it all came home on the same trip. I hope not. It was on clearance. 59 cents a skein. What a bargain! I have 19 skeins of Fun Fur, 3 of Festive Fur,

and one of Jai Alai - Moda Dea's equivalent.
Honestly, there may be some more tucked into one of my knitting bags. I don't have the stomach to check it yet.

So, this brings me to my Warning for New Knitters: BEWARE OF CLEARANCE FUN FUR! Before you know it, you'll be beyond the Fun Fur and will have 19 skeins of it, three of the sparkly ones, and one wannabe.

Me? I think I'm going to get 5 skeins of it and knit a scarf with my size 50's. Who knows? It might be cool. If I do this four times, I could almost eliminate the population of Fun Fur in my stash!

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Holly said...

As long as you enjoy it, now is a great time to be a Fun Fur fan, since everyone is clearancing it off right and left. That ship has definitely sailed for me. But I still have two or three skein of hot pink Bernat Disco that are destined to become a fuzzy hedgehog.