Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holly did a bad, bad thing.

I went to Micheal's today to get a size 6 circular needle I needed for Daddy's vest. There hanging above the clearance yarn was a sign, "Manager's Special: Clearance Yarn 4 for $1". Uh Oh!
That's four skeins of Bling Bling in Carberet Crimson.

Four skeins of CiCi in Parade.

And four skeins of Carmen in Violet.

I figure I'll use it up on Christmas presents. I hope. But remember, I only spent $3 on ALL THAT YARN!

My blog buddy, Holly (her blog is Knit on My Cat - over there -->), is supposed to have had her baby today. I haven't heard anything. I hope all went well.

Today just drug by at work. I thought it was 12:30, and it was 11:00. I thought it was 3pm, but it was 1:30. A long, long day. But buying all that yarn sure cheered me up!


lauriec said...

you are evil! Enabeler!

Dawn said...

You didn't do a bad thing. You did a very good thing making sure
that yarn went to a good, loving home. The only thing bad about it was that you didn't get another $3 worth for me! ha! Seriously, how did you control yourself & only buy
12 skeins? I would have filled up a buggy & gotten as much as I could have scrounged up the $ for.
Kinda like I did when I got Moda Dea Prima (retail $10.99) for $1 @
AC Moore earlier in the week. I may be on Top Ramen rations for the rest of the month ;)