Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Finishitis, Part II

All those Fun Fur pics from last week. . . well, there were two more skeins that were in the process of becoming a scarf some months ago. Last night, with everything else finished and the yarn for Daddy's vest en route, I picked it up and started knitting. You see, my Internet service at home was down and I had two hours of recorded Monday night TV to watch. One hour of it was "Heroes", which requires me to sit on my exercise ball so I can read the subtitles when they talk in Japanese or Spanish. So there I sat on the exercise ball, big knitting needles (US17) in hand, two skeins of Fun Fur in the floor. It's much longer now than it was before.

It gives me something to do until the yarn I ordered from Lion Brand for Daddy's vest arrives. (There was no medium or light brown Woolease in Columbus. I looked everywhere except the Buena Vista Road WalMart, which actually has a decent selection of yarn. I forgot that I meant to go there and went ahead and ordered.) I also ordered a pattern that I have always loved of theirs called the April in Paris Cardigan. I've just always liked it and always thought that the day I placed an order from the catalog I would order the pattern. So, yea! It's coming, too. According to UPS, it all left Secaucus, New Jersey, last night at 1:37am, but it's not showing up in Atlanta yet. Hmmmm.

There were 15 two-year-olds in Sunday School Sunday. Whew! It was great!

Have a great week, everybody! I'm going to go knit some Fun Fur!!

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