Thursday, May 28, 2009

Trip to South Carolina

Last Saturday I went to South Carolina for the long holiday weekend. I drove through Atlanta:
#142 of 365
I stopped at the South Carolina Welcome Center to use the restroom and get a map. this sign was outside:
SC State Park Sign at the Welcome Center
and there was a lovely view of Lake Hartwell from there:
Lake Hartwell from the South Carolina Welcome Center
I also took a zoomed photo:
Lake Hartwell from the South Carolina Welcome Center
After church on Sunday, Daddy and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch. We both had cobbler for dessert. His was peach; mine was blackberry:
Blackberry Cobbler (#143 of 365)
Daddy said it was the best meal he ever had at Cracker Barrel. I said, "Because of the peach cobbler?" He said, "That was a big part of it, Hun."
We drove through downtown and I took some photos of beautiful downtown Anderson.
This is the old courthouse:
The Old Courthouse
This is the new courthouse:
The New Courthouse
This is the Chiquola which houses condos now. A hundred years ago it was a hotel. All through my childhood, it stood in disrepair. A few years ago a developer bought it and restored it. As you can see, it's beautiful again:
The Chiquola
This statue of William Whitner can be seen in the Old Courthouse and the Chiquola photos. Click on the photo to go to flickr and read about who he was and what he did:
Whitner Statue
There are tons of these fish in Anderson. They are some sort of tribute to Lake Hartwell.
“Fish Out of Water; Hooked on the Arts 2”
On Monday I went to Greenville to visit my friend Dawn. The A.C. Moore in Columbus closed almost a year ago. It was a great source of yarn. Greenville still has an A.C. Moore:
#144 of 365
It was so nice to go to A.C. Moore again.
Dawn's mom had these pretty pink flowers growing in her garden:
Pretty Pink Flowers
Here's a photo I took of the old mill in Piedmont on the way home:
Old Mill in Piedmont, SC
You know how you always hear about the nation's fuel reserves? I think they're being stored in tanker cars in Anderson County:
tanker cars
tanker cars
On Tuesday we went downtown to a jewelry store to get a battery for my watch. We found this quote in the sidewalk outside the store:
on the sidewalk in Anderson, SC
Later in the afternoon I left to drive home. Driving through Atlanta the traffic was moving slow enough for me to snap this photo of the Olympic Memorial:
Olympic Souvenir
There was a very serious accident on I-85 that caused the police to close the Interstate. All four southbound lanes! They made everyone get off the Interstate at the Union City exit. I went in at McDonald's and used the restroom then sat in the car with my Georgia map and found an alternate route. I took US Highway 29 through some lovely little towns:
Downtown Fairburn, Georgia
Mural in Palmetto, Georgia
and Hogansville:
Downtown Hogansville, Georgia
It was some slow going:
#145 of 365
My normal four hour trip turned into a five and a half hour trip, but at least it was scenic and I didn't have to drive through the horrible construction zone on I-85 from Hogansville to Newnan. I call it "The Tunnel". K-rails on both sides. No shoulders. It makes me crazy. I would seriously consider doing this again just to avoid "The Tunnel".

Click on any of the photos to see them larger. It'll open my flickr account and you can browse my photos in there. (And hey, it raises the view count on my photostream.) Or if you'd like to watch the photos full screen as a slideshow, click here.

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