Saturday, May 16, 2009

Knitters Saying Goodbye

The US Army is sending two of our knitters away over the next couple of months. Michelle and her children will join her husband in Rhode Island next weekend after her oldest son finishes kindergarten. Laura is leaving for Maryland in July. This afternoon we had a get-together in their honor. Here are some photos (as always click on the photo for more details, or to see it larger):
hors d'œuvre
Laura and Pat
Gardenia on the table
Pat, Michelle, Laura, and Margaret (and the back of Katy's head)
Lesh, Debbie, Pat, and Michelle
Aslan and Katy
Lesh, Aslan, Debbie, Julie, and Michelle.
Laura, Margaret, and Katy
Pretty Purple Flower
Pretty Red Flower
Pat's Barn
Tree with a Face
View from Pat's Driveway (#135 of 365)

Laura and Michelle are two of the best knitters I know and we will miss them terribly.


Holly said...

It is tough when knitters have to move on! Hopefully you'll all be able to keep in touch over the internet though. It comes in handy sometimes! I love your flower pictures this week... and how cool is that tree?!?!?

Perplexing Situation said...

Farewell Columbus knitters. Happy knitting in your new homes.