Thursday, March 5, 2009

Better Late than Never

Okay, here's last week's pictures:

Sunday, February 22:
#53 of 365
This was in my fortune cookie after lunch today.

Monday, February 23: (You've seen this one, but we have to keep the set together)
#54 of 365
Can you believe this? See the people through the doorway sitting in the comfy chairs? They displaced the knitters tonight at Panera. That's just not right. We sit there EVERY Monday. We had to sit in the other part of the restaurant. We're loud and rowdy. Usually everyone who doesn't want to be disturbed (by the noise) sits over there. So, the poachers caused almost all of the Panera diners to be subjected to loud yarn talk and laughter. Shame on you, poachers!

Tuesday, February 24:
#55 of 365
I got a haircut today. That mirror doesn't look that dirty looking into it. Why is that?

Wednesday, February 25:
#56 of 365
This evening at work we taped a show where a few dozen people were in the tv station. I locked my purse and work bag in my car and kept the essentials in my pocket: phone, lipstick, Orbit Cinnamint Gum, and car key (the back of the flip flop key ring is a mirror!).

Thursday, February 26:
#57 of 365
Brand new half-gallon of Publix Premium Homemade Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Oh, my!

Friday, February 27:
#58 of 365
Friday lunch break means Taco Bell in my world! I'm on a Cheesy Double Beef Burrito kick. For 89 cents, it's a great deal and really yummy! What's in the cup? Some tasty sweet tea!

Saturday, February 28:
#59 of 365
This morning around 9am I was awakened by thunder and heavy rain. I got up to find we were under a tornado watch. Then a tornado hit about twenty miles away. By noon it was over. This afternoon it was 72 degrees and sunny. Look how nice. Tomorrow morning it's supposed to snow and stay in the 30's all day. Gotta love living in the South!

Okay, there's last week. I'm not even going to promise to do better. It's pointless. I'll blog again sometime.

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Anonymous said...

I sure love the haircut...maybe little invisible dust motes on the mirror caught in the light?

I'm really enjoying your 365 project!