Saturday, August 23, 2008

All Sorts of Stuff Going On - or catching up on my blogging

So I've been watching Olympics. Here are some sports I've discovered that I've never watched before: Synchronized Diving, Handball, and Race Walking.

The Handball is interesting. We were at lunch in the break room the other day. There were four or five of us in there. There was a sport on we couldn't identify. Teams of women (Norway and Korea) on an indoor court with goals like soccer goals throwing a ball in between the size of a softball and a volleyball. Whenever someone went down the hall, we'd say, "Hey, do you know what sport this is?" We must have asked half a dozen people. Miller said Handball, but we didn't believe him. One of the news reporters looked it up on the Internet schedule. Yep. Handball. Miller was right.

I stayed up until 2am watching Women's 20K Race Walking the other night. It's apparently a difficult sport because several women got disqualified. It was pouring rain in Beijing and there they went racing through the streets for twelve and half miles! I had to see it through to the end at 2am. I was very sleepy the next day. Lots of that going around during this Olympics. People from everywhere keep telling me that.

Speaking of pouring rain, check out this video:

That's my patio in the middle of Tropical Storm Fay this afternoon. (Not bad for being shot using the video mode on my digital camera, huh?) I had a thing to go to at church this morning that required lots of sitting and listening, but the food was excellent. Afterward I came home and took a long nap while it continued to rain. It started sometime around noon Friday and is supposed to go at least until 6pm Monday. What a weekend. I made brownies tonight to make myself feel better. YUMMY!

Last weekend we had a Beth Moore ladies video retreat at church. If you're reading this and thinking, "Wow, that sounds great. I wish I'd known about it," I apologize. While I was sitting there enjoying it, I kept thinking of people I wish I'd invited. People from my knitting group and people from work, too. I'm sorry. Next time I'll do better.

Yesterday at work we had a luau. I'll leave you with some photos to enjoy:


Dawn said...

Who's the lucky dude in the grass skirt? He looks oh-so-thrilled. And was that a pizza box I saw? I hope it was Hawaiian!

Anonymous said...

Tonight is closing ceremonies...I'm kinda sad. I'm going to miss the Olympic excitement...although it will be very nice to get my full allotment of sleep again! Sounds like you had a fun time...see you tomorrow!

One Busy Mom said...

Thanks for the sweet words about Eli....p.s. I've signed up for the knitting small group at church. Aren't you proud of me? said...

Where did my comment go???

I can't even remember what I wrote but I did write something. **thinking, thinking** Well, it's gone.

I have a bar of soap sitting here with your name on it. I'd planned to bring it to Knitting Circle but didn't make it (obviously). There was a tornado spotted near our home and I decided that it probably wouldn't be wise to wander very far from home.