Monday, April 21, 2008

Jury Duty - Day 1

I was picked to be on a jury. I was really surprised. I can't talk about the trial. I will say that I know the judge from when I worked at the Government Center. I called him by his first name then. It's hard to refer to him as Judge ___ now. He seemed to be cool with me knitting in the Jury Box when we were coming out of breaks. And I had no trouble getting my metal circs through security. I knitted a little while we watched some video depositions. Man, are those dull. All of us were falling asleep. The only way I can stay awake is to knit. I took some notes, but then they get all blurry because I'm sleepy. I could be there all week. They said four to five days. Vince is thrilled, as you can imagine. Anyway, here's my sock:


Dawn said...

are your socks green & orange & what other colors???

Holly S. said...

PINK! Of Course!

Jamie said...

Somehow, I've managed to never get picked to be on a jury. Got called once, but it was settled and I got to go home. I think I'd enjoy it just once to see the whole process. Everyone says it's boring, but maybe that would take some of that mystery out of it for me. I've been subpoened a couple of times working in the school system, but those were both settled also - thankfully!! I was really nervous.