Sunday, April 20, 2008

Catching Up

Okay, the Bronchitis/Sinusitis isn't really gone yet. I still have the cough and ended up with an asthma inhaler. Today, three weeks and two days after I first got sick, was the first day I didn't have to use the inhaler since I got it over a week ago.


We spent the night at Debbie and Pat's houses in Manchester. We had lots of fun. Debbie had a friend come who's a physical therapist. She gave us a hot parrafin treatment and hand massages. Here Debbie gets ready for her massage while Julie lets the parrafin moisturize her hands.

Except when Tara's yarn got knotted.
I helped her untangle it.
Here are Tara, Pat, Laura, and Debbie at the knit it before the Harlot came out.
Here she is. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot.
Here I am with my copy of Stephanie's new book, Things I Learned from Knitting. I was waiting in line to have my book signed. Over my right shoulder you see Debbie, Pat, and Lacey.
Here's Stephanie signing my book. I was star-struck, more so than last time, and didn't tell her many of the things I had in mind to tell her, and I forgot to give her the hand cream I had in my bag for her. I gave her hand cream last time and thought if I did it again, I'd be "the odd lady in Atlanta who always gives her hand cream." Oh, well.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution did a article about the event. If you click on the crowd picture it'll get biggger. You can see us in the third row. Lacey (part of her) in white, Julie in green, me in black, Tara's empty chair (she was getting food), Pat in pink, Laura in blue, and Deb in green. We don't know the lady on the right in pink.


I've talked much about my young friend, Catherine. I babysat Catherine last weekend. I was doing a hat on my Knifty Knitter. I took another Knifty Knitter with me and taught Catherine to knit on it. She'll be six next month and I've been telling her since she was three that I'd teach her to knit when she turned six. I've got a "learn-to-knit" kit for her birthday present, so the Knifty Knitter is only on loan.

She's so proud of what she's doing. She says she's making a hat for her mom to match the one I made her. Too cute!


Tomorrow I report for Jury Duty. I worked at the Government Center for over four years, but that was nine years ago. It's a little weird going back. I've got a sock pattern printed out. I need to get it cast-on tonight. I'm putting it on two metal circs, but I'm packing plastic dpn's and going early in case there's a problem. I'll keep you posted. People say I won't be selected because I work in media. I think the fact that I've lived here a long time, had lots of jobs, go to a big church; and, therefore, know half of Columbus, will keep me from being selected. I'm excited about the knitting time I hope to have. Vince, my boss, not so much.

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Jamie said...

Thanks for the report! I hope that if she ever comes back I'll be able to go. The beach was so nice, though. That's the cool thing about living close to the ATL - famous people come to visit sometimes :-)