Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where you do the clicking.

I'm so behind in posting pics. Click here to catch up with my 365 project. From there you can click on the next photo in the little browse window on the right.

I also took a trip to South Carolina for week of vacation. You can see those pictures here. There are descriptions under each of the photos.

The only yarn store within 90 minutes had a going out of business sale last Saturday. Laurie and Lacey and I went. See pictures here of all our fun.

Tomorrow we get a new group of two-year-olds in Sunday School. Every year I get nervous and excited. We so loved our class last year.
#213 of 365
It's hard to leave them to go to a new group, but we know we'll love them, too. I made them Jello Jigglers. I hope they like them.

I'll post some knitting updates soon. I've finished a few things that I haven't even gotten into ravelry yet. See, it's not just the blog I'm neglecting. You know, it's all facebook's fault!


Holly said...

I think summer blogging is tough! Busy busy busy! It's good to hear from you though!

Perplexing Situation said...

jello jigglers, what a great idea!