Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blue Springs

My friend Lacy invited me to a function her church had at a beautiful location where a natural spring bubbles up from the ground. It was truly lovely and the Episcopalians were very welcoming to their Baptist visitor.

Let me emphasize that this photo doesn't do the location justice. It is a truly magical place.

Blue Springs
This is the mouth of the Blue Spring
This pool was created by the spring.
Trees and Ferns
I just thought this was pretty.
There were many varieties of ferns there.
Blue Springs
Here you can see where the Blue Spring gets its name.
This view is from the opposite side of the pool than the other photo.
Blue Springs
The photos truly don't do it justice.
Pretty Flowers
These pretty flowers were everywhere and provided a nice splash of color.
Magnolia Seed Pods
These are magnolia pods. This place must be beautiful in the spring.
This is the creek leading away from the mouth of the spring.
Dragonfly over the Creek
See the dragonfly near the center of the photo. He was hanging out on the plants over the creek.
There were ferns everywhere. They were so pretty.

You can click here for a fullscreen slideshow of the photos. Worth it!

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RazorFamilyFarms.com said...

Your photos are lovely, Holly! I had so much fun with you and I'm glad you could make it. Isn't it such a special secret place? A once in a lifetime opportunity, in my mind.

Thank you for joining me!!!

In friendship,